New Year which is a national Holiday is celebrated on 1st January of every year.The day all across the world is celebrated unlike any other festival .Families gather together to party and celebrate,cities and streets are decorated with lights.In different parts of the world new year is celebrated by the people as per their beliefs and traditions .New year signifies a fresh start a new beginning in life,cherishing all the memories and achievements of past .People wish each other luck for a better future.It’s all about new hope and expecting better things in coming days.

The day is filled with vibrant colors of glory and happiness.People party together ,dance enjoy ,make prayers Fireworks and crackers are used to sprinkle the sky with glitter of joy. consist all  the essential information about celerbtaions and beleiefs of new year across the world.Our motive is to help the people with their searches for all the information regarding new year such as wishes quotes ,greetings ,messages ,sms ,wallpapers,Images pictures etc.We have tried our best to provide you all the content related to new year .We assure you the righteous information and quality content.Your suggestions and feedbacks are welcome which can be helpful in improving quality of our service.